Copper to Integrate Ethereum Scaling Solution Polygon

Copper to Integrate Ethereum Scaling Solution Polygon

On November 11th, 2021, the Copper group confirmed that on November 22nd, it would integrate and go operational with Ethereum scaling solution Polygon. They were also thrilled to announce that Copper had received a $60,000USDC grant from Polygon as part of the collaboration.

The award will be handed out in installments based on the achievement of predetermined milestones. As a result of the award, the Alchemist crew incorporating Polygon will be compensated in USDC rather than the Alchemist token, which will be subject to bi-weekly inflation. Polygon has risen to the top of the Ethereum scaling solutions industry.

With this release, more businesses and community leaders will be able to take part in Fair Launch Auctions without being limited by Ethereum gas prices. Copper will become the first network on Polygon to provide a smooth experience for initiatives and individuals who wish to kickstart stability and expand their networks the proper way by utilizing capital-efficient, reasonable pricing methods.

Growing a system necessitates the launch of new ventures. Polygon DAO’s goal is to expand the Polygon ecosystem. As a result, they were quick to embrace Copper, believing that it would bring fresh and innovative initiatives to their network.

In addition to this interesting news, the Copper group also revealed details about THX Network’s first Polygon Fair Launch Auction, which will be held on their platform.

Copper is a favorite of THX Network because its stunning and user-friendly design allows individuals to become involved in projects early.

The THX Network group has been working on Polygon since mid-2020, and they’re ecstatic to become the first protocol to publish its token on the Polygon Network using Copper.

Yesterday’s announcement makes Copper’s persistent aim of providing fair and equal access to investment options for everybody even more feasible, and they are thrilled to take this crucial step for the cryptocurrency world.

About Copper

The most transparent, open, and consumer-friendly method to join a Fair Launch Auction  (FLA) is using Copper. An FLA is a straightforward fundraising tool that allows enterprises and concepts from all over the globe to obtain funds from people with no obstacles to participation.

There are no intermediaries, capital gatekeepers, or geographical limitations. There is no KYC or any form of preference for bigger investors over tiny ones. Capital can flow freely and quickly towards strengthening concepts that deserve it, while entrepreneurs of all kinds and cultures can engage equitably in profiting on these early phase chances.

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