Cardano Price Prediction: How Will ADA Perform in 2022?

Cardano Price Prediction: How Will ADA Perform in 2022?

The year has started with a decent boost for the crypto market. As the industry is getting back on its feet, experts have high hopes for big players, such as Cardano. The crypto has initiated a flow in the first week of January as it reached 1.20 dollars recently.

Despite currently being 0.39% down at 1.18 dollars, several experts’ Cardano prediction notes a huge shift is coming for the crypto. The biggest development for ADA in 2022 will be the launch of Hydra, a new protocol.

The protocol will launch after Cardano releases the Alonzo Upgrade. Hydra will be an L2 scalability solution, facilitating more transactions. The functionality will address Cardano’s core issue – scalability. With Solana offering an impressive transaction per second proposition, Cardano must match the network to compete in the market.

Besides Hydra, Cardano also has upcoming collaborations and integrations. One such integration is more dApps making their way into the Cardano main net. In addition, the ADA team has talked about more decentralized applications coming to the network after the Hydra upgrade.

MuesliSwap and SundaeSwap are two of such dApp integrations that will soon enter the Cardano ecosystem. In addition, with the upcoming upgrade, Cardano will offer support for numerous crypto apps, including smart contacts and NFTs. 

As the network has promised such collaborations, the experts are expecting a quick rebound from ADA. The crypto recently formed its local bottom, aiming for a prompt rebound. Several analysts believe that ADA possesses the capabilities to start a bull run from this point. 

With BTC and Ethereum on the way to reclaim their gains, ADA remains among the top players most traders are opting for.

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