Officials Claims -China to soon launch its own digital currency before Facebook’s Libra Coin

China to launch CBDC in near future

Facebook entering the crypto world has disturbed the central banks across the world. Recently in June, Facebook official revealed the launch of its Libra coin by 2020. China, on the other hand, is also seeking to enter the crypto world and earlier revealed that it is developing its own digital currency. China to launch CBDC

Swayam Program Initiated By Indian Government Offering Free Interactive Course On Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Technology

A program backed by the Indian government ‘Swayam’ is currently providing free computer science courses on leading technologies such as digital currency, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology. The interactive course is of 12 weeks and free. Applicants seeking to learn these emerging technologies can register for free and start learning from scratch. About Swayam Program: The

Russia To Ban All Crypto-Related Activities In The Country

Bitcoin Russia

Coming close on the heels of speculation regarding draft bill banning cryptocurrency in India, the Russian government has also come up with a proposal that will prohibit the crypto trading in the country. The parliamentarian body in Russia, the State Duma is mulling on the proposal that once implemented will result in banning all kind

Analyst Says Bitcoin might have 100 more days of Accumulation


If we observe the cryptocurrency market of the past twenty days, the crypto market has been successful in maintaining its gains and even created new trading levels. Numerous coins have reached new record break levels. When it comes to Bitcoin, the coin has surpassed more than $5000 level mark. Analysts believe that this trend can

Gold IRA Guide Claims: 3 Percent American Retirees Invested in Bitcoin, 57 percent not Interested in Bitcoin and 33 percent Unaware of Bitcoin

Gold IRA Guide

According to Gold IRA Guide’s new survey held on April 7, less than 3 percent of American retirees hold some amount of bitcoin (BTC). The survey even mentions that the American retirees avoid taking huge risks, especially when it is concerned with their investment portfolios. This is because of their age and lack of Bitcoin

Tron Introduces USTD in Its Blockchain Network


The seventh most appreciated coin by market capitalization, Tether is getting ready to launch Stablecoin USTD on the network of Tron. The announcement about the development was made on 17th April. Both the network is entering into an official partnership to launch the dollar pegged Stablecoin. USTD will be introduced as TRC20 token. TRC20 is

Bitcoin finds adoption in the travel management company of UK

Bitcoin finds adoption in the travel management company of UK

Corporate Traveller, the major travel managing company of the UK has announced on 15th April in a press release that they will be accepting Bitcoin as the payment mode. Recently the travel management company has moved into a partnership with Bitpay, a worldwide payment provider company. The new arrangement is made to encourage the customer